quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Horizon of a lived life

Begin a journey without destiny 
Weightless like a falcon flying under gravity 
I find the lighly door, with flowering gardens
Just a passage door to the unknown horizon
Horizon of a lived life felt in present.

The past is like walking in hell without the fire 
With your coldness of freezing hipocrisy 
Your cowardice is like memory phantoms 
Undead memories hiding in my grudge 
The entry for your last adress will not be painfull 
Will be felt in the sorrow of dying without soul.

In a run of a silly child on its first footsteps 
I just wanna find you with your arms wide open 
Feel the mantle of your love, covering my innocense 
Like the sea mantle covers the sand of its beach 
Why did you not clean the tears of my falls?
Like you wipe the rain of your face.

I wished look at your blue eyes like a blue open sky 
Feel protection in them, like the blue sky feel in the clouds
When i wished you shoulder I felt your back
Many many times I wished the rainbow of your smile
But i received the dark of a winter night witout bright 
For some moments I wished your bounce words 
I listen offensive words to my beloved womb.

I felt fear of the imaginary shadows rounding my craddle 
Instead of sleeping in your arms I watched you 
In a deep sleep covered by the ignorance blanket
Eyes stared at the window with the fear of the lightning
I wanted to feel your hand upon my face covering my eyes 
Protecting me from the strong light of these lightning 
I ve been covered by your words from your mouth... You is weak!

Years gone by and I watched life like an open book 
Turning the pages and the story remains sad 
Like all the stories have an end and a learning
Today I cannot say I love you
Love is like a flower 
Needs soil from your garden to grow
You simply stole me this garden.

Turning my back to the unknown horizon I'm back to the present 
In his time I thank the demon of your being
Was this demon that make what I am 
With mistakes as any other creature and a cowardice killer
Follow a straight line waking up every single morning with a smile of pride 
I reach the life front like an wolf hunts his booty 
I light my blood like the moon lights the nightly earth.

if you guys not respect your children, never will feel true love
not everything are words

By: Hugo Dias ''Marduk''
in 2011

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