segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2016

Slaves of greed

This poetry has been written a few years, it was in sorrow, in the world of delusion in which we live. When you are solitary before nature, before forests, before the sea, before the flowers before the animals, listen, see peace in  all the world and the whole universe offers us all these things teaches us to love.
The whole universe was not greedy, gave us a home to all, gave us air, water, sun and moon, gave us land and sea gave us sand, river and lakes, joined us in with the animals, joined us in with trees, plants and fruits.
We will learn and teach to share, to love, to smile, to live in a union. All of us together, for peace, for stability in the world, around the world, by the love that is destroying.
Let's give a hand, we respect, we will help, we will contribute.

Before the end of our existence.

(Maintains its stability before opening the video to know that there is photos that can mess with your sensitivity)

For those who did not open the video:

Voices from the void walking through the loniless,
accompanied by dark thoughts
filling ghosts around the throne.

Closing eyes watching bullets taking lives,
like arrows of the cupid of the death.

Listen painfull screams,
from the inocent voices.

Sad hearts broken by the love of hate,
come of cold looks,
spit pain all over the world.

Gifts from the creators of evil
hypnotized by greed.
Damn demons, hell bastards!
why you still strong?

Evil lives with the intensity of a lightning,
fear of step survival land,
is huge like the vibration of a thunder.

One more time suns rises...
Why not see the colourfull?
Instead of the black of destruction,
how natural like an eruption.

Paths of shed blood,
like sand in the desert.

The strong are who are suffer their innocence!

The cowards are who get victory smiles!

There's the weak...

How they think they are lords of the world,
darkened by destruction.

They are just lord slaves of greed...

Slaves of greed by Hugo Dias Marduk

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